We're pleased to announce that Summit Creative is now open for business. Focusing on website development & design, we're passionate about delivering websites which look great, perform well in terms of SEO and – most importantly – give you complete control of your content and have the built-in capability to grow with your business.

We know that this is a competitive market, and that many hosts are advertising their quick and easy website builders, but did you know that if you build your site with one of these tools you're actually locking yourself into dependence on your host. If you ever choose to move, or want to extend the functionality of your site, you're going to have to start from scratch and/or face hidden fees.

We've been building websites for over 18 years, and have a great deal of experience in creating everything from static one-page XHTML sites, to complex Content Management System based websites and e-commerce solutions. As expert as we are with code, we have a background in such diverse sectors as Education, Full-service Marketing, and Digital Marketing so we're as familiar with SEO as we are with the user experience. This means we're great with design, copywriting, and photography. So whatever your online creative requirements, we can support you. We've got a lot of contacts in the local area too, so if you need complementary marketing materials we can help you find the right marketing & advertising partner.