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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What customisation do I get? +

    With our Professional & Professional+ packages you get our Intermediate Customisation: selection of one of our 8 preset colour schemes (Joomla websites only) with the ability to customise the main colours to complement your branding; changing the position of your logo, copyright, menu; use of your brand font, or a complementary font. With our Ultimate package you get all of the above and a customised layout for the news or blog section of your website.
  • What is the difference between the Simple Contact Form & a Custom Contact Form? +

    Emails sent from the Simple Contact form will collect Name, Email Address, Subject & a Message. With the Custom Contact Form you can specify additional information you would like to collect, e.g. Address, Town, Post Code, Telephone Number.
  • What is Responsive Web Design? +

    Our templates are based on a framework that ensures that the site will not only work on all devices, from smartphone to tablet to Mac & PC, but will also look great on them. Visitors to your site won't be put off by having to pinch and zoom when using their mobile devices, menus and page layout will automatically change to give the best possible view on whatever device they are using. And the colours look great on retina screens.
  • How do I choose stock images for my site? +

    Our developers will ask you for a theme for your stock images. We will then email you with a lightbox containing a selection of related images for you to choose from. Just email us back a list of the codes for the images you want to use and we will do the rest.
  • How do I supply you with my images and content? +

    If you already have images and content in digital format we can help you send these to us using Dropbox. If you only have hard copies of your content we will need to arrange for you to send us your documents so we can work from them.
  • Can I add extra pages/email addresses/slideshows to my order? +

    Yes, of course you can. We offer a range of bolt-ons to make our site builds match your needs. Whether you need a couple of extra pages, an extra email address or want an extra domain, we have a bolt-on for you. Just ask one of our team for more information about our bolt-ons.
  • Can I add e-commerce to my site? +

    Yes, for an additional fee we can provide you with a shopping cart facility. See our Pricing page for more information. We'll chat with you about what kind of shopping cart you need, and recommend the best e-commerce solution for you.
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