We've tried many frameworks and Content Management Systems, but we build sites using the best of these: Joomla; WordPress; Magento. All of our Content Management Systems are Open Source which has a number of benefits: no expensive CMS fees; no tie-in to one developer; a huge developer and user base with an ever growing number of add-ons and extensions; an ever growing range of templates.



We primarily use Joomla because it's easy to use, yet incredibly powerful and flexible. If you can write a word document or an email you can maintain your website. Joomla is the Content Management System of choice for a huge number of the web's most visited sites. It's real genius is the seemingly infinite list of extensions, which means we can provide you with almost limitless possibilities for your new website.


WordPressWe've recently had more requests to develop WordPress sites, which allows us to create robust websites using one of the web's most popular content management systems, powering almost a quarter of the world's top 10 million websites.

WordPress started life as a blogging tool, but it's now become a versatile Content Management System and provides a solid foundation for powerful websites. It's so simple to manage both data and content using WordPress, and many templates provide drag-and-drop page editing tools so you get full control over the way your pages are laid out.


MagentoWhen it comes to e-commerce there are a number of options, but for complex storefronts we recommend Magento, the world's leading e-commerce platform. It's the platform behind many of the web's leading online retailers and is packed with a huge number of features which help you run an effective online store.

Amongst the features of Magneto are:

  • Shopping cart
  • Catalogue management
  • Checkout
  • Several payment gateways
  • Social media sharing
  • Promotional codes
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Inventory control

And so much more.

With a wide number of extensions available, a Magento store can revolutionise your online retail presence.

Extensible Frameworks

All of the Content Management Systems we use are built on Extensible Frameworks, which means that you're not stuck with the basic functionality that comes with the system. There are a huge number of extensions, components, and add-ons which we can use to make your site do exactly what you want - and if what you want isn't available, we can build the extras for you.

When it comes to design and templates, we use the Twitter Bootstrap framework to quickly and easily create a site that looks great and has built in structure. That makes it so much easier for us to build you a responsive website, and again means that you're not stuck with an off-the-shelf template looking identical to every other website based on that template.

Of course this also means that you're not tied to us as your development team. We hope you'll never want to use another team, but if you do then you can rest easy knowing that these frameworks use standard coding methods so your new team will be able to quickly, and easily, take over the running of your site.