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What's involved in 'revamping' a website?

The aesthetics of your website are important for building a powerful brand, but websites aren’t just there to look pretty.

Written by:
Tina Brown

There are some key questions you must ask before revamping your website;

How is my current site performing?

It is all too easy to dismiss your current site outright and replace it with a new shinier one, but before you do this ensure you are clear on all the components of your current site, good and bad. Take the time to analyse and learn what is working well and develop these elements further and avoid repeating the mistakes that are potentially damaging your current site.

What do I want my website to do?

Before you consider what you want your site to look like (which is mistakenly where most people start), ensure you are clear on the function you want your website to perform. Whether it be a ‘brochure’ site or a full ecommerce website, you need to set clear goals on what you want to achieve with your revamp. If you need to attract thousands of visitors a week, the overall design and functionality may be very different to a site required to generate a handful of qualified leads. The journey the visitor takes on your site will be very different and if the user experience (UX) is not linked to the site's overall goals, your website redesign could fall short.

How do I want my site to look?

Style over substance in website design is a common mistake. When redesigning a website, it can be very tempting to ‘over-design’ in the anticipation that the more complex the design, the more likely the website will be a success. The most important element on any design project is to be clear about the purpose of the design and, with websites, functionality will always trump fancy design.

How long will a revamp take and how much should I pay?

You should align your new website goals to this question. If your current website looks outdated and no longer reflects your brand, yet it still generates leads or sales, then the redesign should be easy as the functionality is unlikely to change much. However, if your website is underperforming and does not produce the results it was built for, then it is worth investing the time and money in getting it to a place that reflects your business and yields results. Taking the time to map out your customer journey with a clear understanding of how your customers want to interact with your products and services is essential. There are plenty of online tools and templates to help you to plan your UX without having to make a large financial investment in this part; but be aware that skipping it is guaranteed to waste time and money.

Does it matter if my website is not mobile responsive?

Absolutely. In the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.8 percent of global website traffic (Statista 2021) and if your website is not mobile responsive this is negatively impacting your online presence. A good mobile experience is as important for B2B brands as it is B2C. There is no difference between the expectations of either, to be a success load times, responsiveness and carefully considered UX are essential in both scenarios.

Is a website revamp even necessary for my business?

This should be the first question on your mind; however, it is not often asked. Websites are a digital window into your business. In the same way that a well-designed website may mask the reality of an underperforming business; a poorly designed website can be extremely damaging to an otherwise thriving organisation. If your website is poorly designed and does not accurately reflect your business, then act now, as you can guarantee that your competition will.

How will redesigning my website affect SEO?

There are lots of ways in which you can avoid a revamp of your website affecting your SEO. From implementing 301 redirects to transferring or introducing effective page titles and meta descriptions you must consider all the key elements of SEO to ensure your site remains optimised. However, with all the complexities and continual movement of the goal posts on SEO our advice is to always consult an SEO expert both before and after your website is built.

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