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About Us.

Summit To Be Proud Of.

We’re a bunch of creative experts with 20+ years industry experience.

We keep the vision and the journey of our clients at the heart of everything we do. We combine our creative flair with a no-nonsense practical approach delivering substance without compromising on style. We are based near Mansfield, Nottinghamshire but can service clients anywhere in the UK.

Our Purpose.

We enable brand success.

We know how important it is to focus on the things that really matter. We exist to support our clients with building and maintaining a successful business. We remove complexity, support & guide and lend a hand to add value enabling our clients to deliver results whilst saving time & money.

Summit we ain't.

  • Corporate
  • Unapproachable
  • Serious
  • Cocky
  • Judgmental
  • Traditional

Summit Special.

We have a culture of autonomy and trust. With flexible working, unlimited holidays and dedicated personal development time our team is trusted to do the right thing, for the client, for the business and for their own well-being.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Meet The Team.



Continuous Improvement Manager.



Finance Administrator.

My motto: Just get on with it!

I believe we can achieve Summit if we work together.



Marketing Executive.

My motto: We rise by lifting others.

Starting my design career as young as 3 (my Pre-School logo) I have spent my life trying to out-do that 3 year old, not as easy as it may seem ha! But on a serious note, I'm always striving to bring new and creative ideas to Summit by living and breathing all things design.

Think; inhale Helvetica, exhale negative space.

Being part of a passionate team keeps the creativityflowing and pushes me to strive to do the best I can for all of us.




My motto: Believe, Achieve, Succeed.

With the company having been in my life for more years than not it very much runs through my veins and is the backbone to who and what I am today. This along with our inspiring team makes me proud of the work we do and the reasons we do it - there is definitely 'summit' about us! I am a strong believer in if you are doing something then make sure you do it the best you can.

I thrive on no day being the same and work to live the life I love surrounded by those who bring out the best in me.



Key Account Manager.

My motto: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

I have worked for the Group for 6 years now (minus a slight hic-cup that I never live down!) and can honestly say that I love my job, the people I work with and the surroundings I find myself in. I thrive off of doing the best for our outstanding clients and bringing their ideas to life. I enjoy creative and innovative thinking to overcome any bumps in the road. I have worked alongside many great companies and amazing people to become a valuable part of their extended team.

I am unafraid to ask questions and to voice my opinion if I truly believe it is in the best interest of
the business and my colleagues.

I have been gaining knowledge over the past 6 years from my colleagues and suppliers and now more than ever it’s never been more exciting. Good things are to come in 2022! With a constantly changing marketplace, it’s a fast paced environment, and I enjoy the challenges it brings. From new types of materials and products to developing and nurturing customer relationships, no two weeks are the same. However, there is always more to learn, and I welcome increasing my knowledge for both my colleagues and my customers to make use of!



Account Executive.

My motto: YOLO



Software & Technology Manager.



Client Support Manager.



Studio Manager.

My motto: Work hard and be nice to people.

I love the fact that graphic design is seen everywhere, everyday and has the ability to communicate and influence everyone, regardless of age, gender or culture and genuinely has the power to make the world just that little bit better (and we could all do with that right now). A creative use of negative space, simplicity and a 'sexeh' logo really get my creative juices flowing.

I've always aspired to inspire and in my ten years working for different companies, I feel like here, at Summit for the first time I beleieve I can actually achieve that either through being a manager, graphic design or just a supportive colleague.

I like to think that my (hopefully) loveable sense of humour brightens up other peoples day but also allows me to stay calm, focussed and enthusiastic particularly when working for a face paced, bit mad at times company!




My motto: Find the ‘Win Win’

I am passionate about branding. How it looks, what it says, why it exists.

I get a real buzz out of working with clients to get their brand, and everything they need to show it off the best it can be.



General Dogsbody.

My motto: When you think pawsative good things happen.

Being this cute isnt easy. When I'm not zooming around the office, I love to cuddle my bear and nick toys from my big brother.



Head of Barketing.

My motto: A hungry dog hunts best.

Making a mess and plenty of rest is a perfect day for me. I give sloppy kisses and leave muddy paw prints for everyone to enjoy.



Head of Puplick Relations.

My motto: It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

Join the team

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Eco Initiatives.

To guarantee a continued focus on our Sustainability Commitment we have a dedicated ‘Green Team’ of cross functional and eco-minded individuals who are tasked with continually reviewing our environmental impact. Their initiatives have so far resulted in the introduction of a company-wide electric car scheme, ‘share a lunch’ sessions to reduce food waste and regular litter picking sessions to name a few.

Greener, Cleaner Printing.

Summit Creative and our print partners deliver certified green printing solutions. We care passionately about the environment and our main supply partner is one of a handful of printing companies in the UK to have achieved both ISO14001 and Forest Stewardship Council - FSC - Certification. Carbon balanced papers is now our main agenda, we are currently working with a large paper group to provide a credible solution for our customers to reduce the carbon impact in their paper-based communications.

In brief, carbon balancing is where the carbon impacts of a product or service have been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon is prevented from being released or absorbed into the atmosphere.

Our partners’ FSC Approved Printing Company Certification is the most recent environmental award and acknowledges that they have been audited and are deemed competent to be part of the FSC Chain of Custody Process. This allows us to print on FSC Certified Papers and provide you with a guaranteed FSC product that has been tracked from its point of origin to the point of it being printed and dispatched.

Sustainable Summit

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