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Top 5 Branded Christmas gift ideas that will wow your clients!

Written by:
Tina Brown

No, it's never too early to be discussing Christmas presents thank you very much! Ahhhh, Christmas, that wonderful time of year when the weather is... just right, and the stress of gift-giving is..... all worthwhile.

Okay so admittedly, Christmas can be a bit of a headache, from frantic Google-ing for ideas to last-minute gift buying, this can be especially true when you are gifting your clients, in an effort to strengthen your relationships.

Well fear no more, for Summit is here to save you from the common pitfall of generic gifts that scream "This is the first non-offensive thing I saw." We are here to lend a helping hand with our picks for the top 5 Corporate Christmas gift ideas that will wow your clients!

Let's begin with something to help with that brain freeze.

1. Branded scarves.

We all know how erratic British weather can get around wintertime, never-mind the summer, so make sure you are encouraging your clients to stay warm on those days when your car door is frozen shut; gift them a scarf that's branded with your own business, making sure that even in the strongest of blizzards, your brand is still top of mind!

2. Branded Umbrellas.

In the same vein as the previous mention, gifting your clients an umbrella with your brand printed into the design is a surefire way to keep your brand top of mind when they shelter from a wintery downpour.

Now for something a bit more celebratory!

3. Branded Wine bottles and bags.

Now, for something to help your clients and their employees celebrate another year in business. This little celebratory pick me up is a must after a potentially stressful, and hopefully successful period for your clients, just make sure that your brand is, again, front and centre at the inevitably messy company Christmas party!

4. Branded Chocolate boxes.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, I mean who doesn't want to receive a box of assorted chocolates at the one time of year you don't have to feel guilty for eating whatever you want? So make sure that your business is associated with that special feeling of festive euphoria that chocolate brings.

24 days of brand awareness...

5. Personalised Calendars.

Advent calendars are a non-negotiable of the festive season, everyone needs one and will use it daily, so why not allow an opportunity for your clients to see your brand daily for the run up to the Christmas season? The time, effort and thoughtfulness of a branded Christmas advent calendar is unmatched and is sure to strengthen your relationships one day at a time.

Summit more...

So there you have it, our top picks for the festive season that is sure to strengthen business relationships and keep your brand top of mind when the time comes to start gifting and celebrating. Remember it's never too soon to start your Christmas shopping! Get in touch

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