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The Benefits of Print Marketing

It might surprise you that readers are 152% more likely to pay attention to print vs digital advertising, with 56% of customers citing that they find print to be a more trustworthy type of marketing. With that in mind, it’s clear that print cannot be ignored as part of a successful marketing strategy.

Written by:
Tina Brown

Cut through the noise of digital.

With a societal focus on digital marketing in recent years, print marketing is very often overlooked as an effective marketing tool. But perhaps that is exactly why print marketing delivers where digital doesn’t, consumers are surrounded by digital, bombarded with messaging day-in-day-out, cutting through this in a crowded space can be difficult. That is where print can help; with less to compete with, print focuses the reader's attention on a tangible, physical item.

Nothing beats the tangible, physicality of print.

Print is different. We’re used to everything being digital, gone are the days of receiving a physical ticket to a gig or reading the lyrics booklet in the front of a CD case. There’s a reason vinyl records have made a comeback, it’s not just for their sound. Print stands out in a digital world and personalising that print gives the impression that the receiver must matter.

Print builds trust.

How often are you considering something and suddenly you start seeing ads for that same thing on your phone? Digital listens, it understands but it can very often feel like you’re being stalked. Consumers are all too aware of the dangers of clicking on ads or opening phishing emails. Scammers rarely waste money on print but we receive plenty of spam emails in a day. Print is trusted in a way that digital is not and who doesn’t want to build trust with their audience?


Print has a feeling of being picked out from a crowd to receive that physical item, in a way that a mass email does not. Whilst personalising an email with a name and relevant information specific to that person is great, the impact of receiving a physical item with your name on has a similar feeling of being written a handwritten letter. It may not be in the digital world but the same rules can still apply, utilising data to create a segmented, highly targeted list of recipients with content relevant to their needs can yield really strong results


The lifespan of a piece of print marketing far outlives that of digital marketing. Print sticks around; it is kept on a desk, stuck to a notice board, kept in a bag. Print sticks around long after digital marketing has been deleted.

Success is still measurable.

There are various ways of measuring the impact of your print marketing campaign. Personalised landing pages with custom URLs, coupon codes and QR codes all offer great ways of tracking the success of your print marketing. Multi URL QR Codes offer the opportunity for ultimate efficiency with the ability to embed various URLs that are triggered based on location, time, number of scans and language.

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