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How to track the ROI of your print marketing campaigns.

Written by:
Tina Brown

In the past it has been infamously more difficult to track the ROI of a print marketing campaign than digital. But those days are long gone, there are plenty of ways of tracking the success of your print marketing. We’re covering the top ways to track the ROI of your print marketing in this blog.

QR Codes.

Probably the most common and popular option is the QR code, with a resurgence during COVID, users are a lot more used to scanning a QR code than they once were. Including a trackable QR code in your print marketing allows you to keep track of how many scans it has had.

A QR code can be as simple or complex as you choose, options such as multi - URL QR codes are a more sophisticated way of personalising your content for the user that scans. Multi-URL QR codes guide users based on time, location, number of scans, language, and geofencing. For example, you could create a multiple language QR code that recognises the language being used on the device and offers that language version of the URL you inputted. Clever right?

Unique Discount Codes.

Utilising unique discount codes in your print marketing allows you to track how many times that custom discount code has been used. You could use different codes on different print marketing approaches, allowing you to track the specific piece of print that performed the best or was handed out in a specific area.

Custom landing page URLs.

Creating custom landing pages with unique URLs allows you to track how many views that page had, you can then leverage Google Analytics to find out more about who/where/when or how those URLs were accessed.

Unique Phone Numbers.

If your CTA includes giving you a call, including a unique phone number could be the way to go. This way you are able to track how many calls you receive from that specific piece of print marketing.

Customer Surveys or Feedback Forms.

Including a question in your customer survey about how they found you can help you to understand where your traffic is coming from.

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