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5 Reasons to Rebrand - Out with the old in with the new.

Reasons To Rebrand

Written by:
Tina Brown

Why is branding so important? The unfortunate truth is that some businesses don’t realise the potential their brand can have - thinking that their brand is just their name and logo. But it’s a lot more than that. In simple terms your branding should tell the story of your business: your values, services, your team and vision for the future - all rolled into one consistent visual concept. Good branding is key, it helps build and solidify the reputation of your business and the trust of your consumers and clients. It should make an impact with your audience and make them excited to work with you. So it is worth looking after, and sometimes that also means a refresh.

But when is it time to consider a rebrand?

Well as we are here to help, here are 5 reasons why you might want to consider a rebrand.

1. Your brand is looking a bit tired

Perhaps you’ve had this logo for a while. It’s on your letterheads and email signatures. It does its job, it’s reliable and familiar. But you don’t feel proud of it anymore. An outdated logo can send out the message of a business being stuck in its ways, reluctant to update - and can even turn potential customers and clients away. Rebranding can help uplift your business by giving it a fresh new look.

Some people don’t like the idea of making drastic changes to their branding, worried they will lose touch with their loyal customers and clients. But a rebrand doesn’t have to throw out that well-known logo. Just look at the supermarket chain the Co-op. In their rebrand they looked to the past and came back with their beloved old logo from nearly 15 years ago. But this time, a much more sleek and modern version which was a hit with consumers, both for its throwback to the past and its new colours and visuals.

2. You want to connect with a new audience

Maybe it's time to reach out to a new audience, but your brand isn’t making the correct impression. Your target audience may be aware of you but you don’t have their full attention; a rebrand can help you reintroduce your business. By developing your brand further you will have the opportunity to highlight your values and services which may appeal to your target audience. Plus, a rebrand is always something to shout about which will gain even more attention.

OkCupid succeeded in this. With a lot of the younger generation using Tinder, OkCupid saw the demand for a dating website which focussed more on personality and less on selfies. With a rebrand and a campaign which highlighted OkCupid’s strengths (and Tinder’s faults), OkCupid scooped up a new audience from their rivals and gained a younger fresher demographic.

3. You need a new start

Business is hard and unfortunately things can go wrong. Whether it’s bad reviews, bad performance or just gaining a bit of a bad reputation. Sometimes it’s better to wipe the slate clean and start again. A rebrand can be the reinvention of your business, an opportunity to step back into the industry; looking to the future and putting past mistakes behind you.

A good demonstration of a reinvention is with Lance Armstrong’s charity - The Lance Armstrong Foundation. After Armstrong’s infamous doping scandal, the charity realised they needed to distance themselves from their founder if they wanted to keep doing their charity work. After a clever name change and new branding they are now known as the LiveStrong Foundation - with their positive reputation still intact.

4. You want to stand out from the crowd

If you’re in an industry where everyone has a generic company name and the same-ish logo, and the same-ish colour scheme (looking at you estate agents), it can be quite boring, especially for your clients and customers. So now is the time to take advantage and really stand out from your competitors. It’s time to take your brand and really shake it up.

Take a look at Currys PC World, their most recent rebrand has really stirred up attention. From having every technology seller website and advert looking the same, PC World’s new branding is positive and upbeat when compared to its competitors. Their new visuals are selling optimism and excitement about life and technology to their customers.

5. You’ve grown!

Things are really exciting when a business is growing. Everything becomes bigger and better, and so should your branding. Rebranding is the perfect way to shout about your new success, and shows the new vision for your business' future. Your new branding can be something to be really proud of and everyone will want to be a part of this exciting time, from clients and customers to your employees.

And here at Summit we have expanded. Over the past few months we have been working tirelessly to perfect our new branding and refresh, which we’ve rolled out across this brand new website too.

For any more information on a brand refresh, complete redesign or are starting a brand for your business from scratch, our expert and friendly creative professionals are eager to help you out. Simply email for more info.

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