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Exhibition Stand Design Tips.

Written by:
Mike Coughlan

The pressure to ensure your trade show exhibition stand is creative, draws in delegates, stands out for the crowd and provides significant return on investment can feel like an overwhelming task. We get it - planning and designing your exhibition stand is daunting.

We’ve gathered a list of tips to hopefully make this a lot less stressful:

Define your audience.

First you need to define your audience, who will be at the exhibition? Who do you want to speak to? What would success look like? By defining your audience, you know exactly who you’re speaking to and how you need to communicate. What is the problem you solve for your audience? This key question guides your messaging, both what it sounds and looks like.

Consider stand type.

Now you’ve defined your audience, it’s time to get practical. The space and budget you have will dictate the type of stand you are looking for. A few stand types are; pop ups, shell-scheme graphics, modular display, banner or even bespoke. Once you have decided on this, it’s time to start thinking about the visuals.

Consider hierarchy.

Now you have your audience and stand type decided on, your visual hierarchy is next in the list. Hierarchy is all about considering which information needs to be biggest, smaller and smallest. The most important information or ‘the hook’ needs to be largest with secondary and tertiary information smaller and smallest.

Marketing message placement.

We’ve just mentioned hierarchy of information but just because your marketing message is larger doesn’t mean it will be seen first. Consider where your delegates will approach your stand from - where is best to place your message? Is there anything that will obscure your message or confuse delegates?

Think practically.

Depending on how big your stand is, it’s a great idea to consider the practical elements. Where will you stand to speak to interested attendees? If you stand there, does it cover your logo or what you do? Ensuring your important information is above head height will ensure you aren’t missing out on potential interested parties.

Make sure you’re on brand.

If you have a theme for your stand that’s great, but maintaining brand consistency through this theme is still important. Your brand consistency ties everything together, when your delegates have received your follow up email, will they remember your brand? If it doesn’t look the same as they saw in-person, that can confuse or contribute to mistrust.

Keep it simple.

Overcomplicating the design with too much text, or too many images can confuse your message. Choosing one key theme and designing your visuals around that theme makes it easier to understand what you do.

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