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Our 2024 promotional product trend predictions.

Written by:
Holly Briggs

Everyone is searching for the next big thing, and that’s just the same in promotional products. There are a few trends we’re seeing emerging in the world of marketing and we believe that by harnessing the power of these trends through print and promotional products you can stand out from the crowd.

Sustainable eco products.

Emphasise your commitment to sustainability through your promotional products. Greenwashing has been a hot topic for a while now, but sustainable products are a way to really show you care for the environment. Opting for useful and reusable products over throwaway items not only shows you’re in-tune with your audience but also hits your eco goals.

Some product inspo: Reusable drinks bottles, Recycled materials items (pencils, pens, notebooks, tote bags), Seed paper sticky notes, Collapsible straws

Tech products.

As a society we live fast-paced lives and as a result are becoming ever-more reliant on technology. If tech is appropriate for your brand, leaning into this trend provides your consumers with a useful product they are likely to remember you for.

Some product inspo: Wireless charge pads, Wireless earbuds, Travel adapters, Bluetooth speakers, USB multi charging cable

Highly personalised items.

Going above and beyond a simple name personalisation is the key to hitting this trend. Personalisation is already proving to be a buzz word of 2024 in all areas of marketing, implementing this strategy in your promo merchandise can have a big impact. Consumers connect with brands they feel are personally talking to them so this is the perfect way to prove that you are.

Summit Tip: This is less about the product, more about the research into what your consumers like/respond to, then personalising that item or set of products.

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