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Start with the end in mind - Gift packaging ideas to inspire.

As we enter Autumn the super organised amongst us will have their client's Christmas gifts sorted; whilst the rest of us mere mortals will still be at the research stage!

Written by:
Chelsea Peek

Our round-up of inspiring packaging designs have been put together to help your gifts have an instant wow factor with your clients (which may be exactly what you need if you’ve left it too late to order your ideal gift!!). We have revisited some old favourites, and found some fresh inspiration, for packaging choices for this festive period and beyond.

Cute & Quirky

Quirky packaging design is memorable, and the examples below guarantee to get your brand noticed.

Starting with the super cute fairy-tale style design from Norsk Ol beer. It provides a simple and effective, yet memorable, packaging solution.

This unique design provided by Christmas Tea is an old favourite of ours. It captures the essence of the product, capitalising on the shared experience, whilst developing that water cooler moment from participating in its novel unwrapping.


Milka embraced augmented reality to create the wow factor with their advent calendar, engaging recipients with the countdown to Christmas with their complimentary app. We love it when brands embrace the cross-media opportunities in packaging, it’s the perfect way to engage your customers whilst providing the ability to measure your ROI.

The Unwrapping Experience

Working with our e-commerce clients has expanded our horizons on effective packaging design and how it impacts the customer experience.

The Greater Good, Fresh Brewing Company’s Pinter makes use of every available area of its packaging to deliver a memorable experience for the customer. From the outside in, all areas of the box are designed to prolong the unwrapping experience.

Packaging on a budget

We appreciate that your Christmas gift budget may not stretch far enough to enable you to include some of the packaging examples above, but there are a number of ways you can still devlier a memorable brand experience.

Branded Tissue or Wrapping paper, so simple and a really subtle branding option.

Branded packaging tape. We love this for really getting the most for your budget. It can easily double as a sustainable option too if you use plain boxes that can be reused.

And finally, when is a box not a box?

When it’s a suitcase?

When it’s a projector?

Or perhaps when it’s a lamp??

These multi-purpose packaging design concepts are great examples of what can be achieved when you literally think outside of the box!!

So don't forget to include the design of your packaging when you're deciding on your corproate christmas gifts this year, and if you need some help, you now know where to come - drop us a message at

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