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Sustainable promo merchandise ideas: How to choose your products and some inspiration.

Written by:
Holly Briggs

Being eco-conscious is now easier than ever, gone are the days of minimal sustainable promo options. But how do you measure the sustainability of your promo items? We’ve compiled a list of things to consider when choosing your promo merchandise and a few of our favourite options.

Is it sustainable? Here’s what to consider:

Material – Choose recycled materials like recycled plastics and recycled aluminium; but also naturally biodegradable options such as cotton, paper, wood and bamboo.

Production – Look out for organic cotton, GOTS, or other certified processes including Fair Trade.

Longevity – Choose products that will last and can be reused such as water bottles.

Functionality – choose something that will actually be used and not thrown away. A quality pen which will serve a client for a long time is much better than a throw away plastic pen.

Some of our favourite sustainable products:

Desktop items like desktop gardens not only add a little piece of home to the work place but also ensure there is a reminder of your brand on your clients desk at all times.

Seed items are a great way of making sure when your item is thrown away it is having a positive impact on the planet. Seed paper items such as sticky notes, greetings cards, envelopes, postcards are a great example of this.

Reusable items are now part of our everyday lives. Tying these in with a campaign is a great way to have impact. Our favourites are items like reusable sandwich wraps, lunch boxes, produce bags and reusable straws.

Useful items are a great way of being sustainable, by making sure your item is useful to your target audience, there is less risk of adding to the throwaway culture. Tech items in sustainable materials such as bamboo are a great way of providing a quality item that will be used.

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