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The Role of Employees in Upholding Brand Consistency and how to achieve it in your team.

Written by:
Mike Coughlan

As a marketing manager it can feel like maintaining brand consistency is a solo act but a big part of maintaining brand consistency is down to employees and how they represent the brand. Every touchpoint your customer comes into contact with should have the same amazing consistent experience. In this blog we’re talking about the importance of brand consistency in your team and how to achieve it.

Communication to achieve confidence.

A lack of brand consistency within teams can come from a lack of confidence or even unawareness. Clearly communicate the brand values, personality, and overall identity. When your team knows where they're headed, they can align their efforts to maintain a consistent brand experience.

Brand Guidelines.

Brand guidelines act as your brand's holy book. Break it down for your team by showing them how these guidelines translate into the visual and verbal aspects of their every day work. Very often brand guidelines are ignored by everyone but the design team, by making it a living, breathing helpful resource it can act as a constant guide. If you don't have brand guidelines see our guide to creating brand guidelines.

Educate and Train.

Your team is enthusiastic, but they might not all be branding experts. Educate them on the importance of brand consistency and how it ties into the overall marketing strategy. Conduct workshops, training sessions, or even casual chats over coffee. Knowledge is power, and an empowered team is a consistent team.

Foster a Consistency Culture.

Consistency shouldn't be a once-in-a-while thing—it's a lifestyle. Create a culture where brand consistency is second nature. Encourage open communication, share success stories of campaigns done right, and celebrate those who embody the brand consistently. Let it become a habit, not a chore.

Encourage Ownership.

Empower your team by giving them ownership of their projects. When they feel a sense of responsibility, they're more likely to pay attention to the nitty-gritty details that contribute to brand consistency. Encourage them to ask, "Does this align with our brand?" before hitting the send button.

Provide Feedback, Not Just Critique.

When you review your team's work, focus on constructive feedback rather than just pointing out flaws. Highlight what they did right, and gently guide them toward improvement where needed. This positive approach not only empowers but also inspires continuous growth.

Tech Tools.

There are an arsenal of tech tools at your disposal. Leverage project management tools, communication platforms, and design software that reinforce brand consistency. Creating brand-approved templates on canva is a great way to keep all visual content aligned.

When your team understands, believes in, and actively contributes to the brand's consistency, magic happens.

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