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Top 5 Useful Promo Merchandise Items for Events

Written by:
Holly Briggs

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a freebie, but if your freebie can be a useful one that aligns with your brand perfectly and firmly cements you in the minds of your ideal client, surely that’s better?

It’s important to consider a few things before choosing your promo items:

  • What are your brand values? (are you eco-conscious for example)

  • Where is the conference taking place - are there any ideas that spring to mind based on location?

  • Is there a theme to the event? Could you take inspiration from this and link to your brand?

  • Who will be in attendance? Is there anything specific they like/dislike?

  • Are there any ways to tie in any recent campaigns you’ve been working on? Are there promo items specifically tailored to this?

Here are 5 of our favourite giveaway items to hand out at events:

1. Branded Power Banks

It’s been a long time since attendees left the hotel, their phone battery is running low but there you are handing them just what they need, at the right time.

2. Branded Snack Packs

Speaking of running low, the hotel breakfast was a while ago now and attendees are getting peckish, again you’ve thought about your potential customer and what they might need in that moment.

3. Branded Umbrellas

Is the event outside? Could an umbrella link to some clever copy you’ve written in some printed collateral?

4. Branded Stationery

Okay it’s not revolutionary… but it’s memorable for another reason. The chances are there are guest speakers (you may even have a guest speaker present), every time a potential customer pulls out their notebook of notes from the conference, it’s your brand at front and centre.

5. Branded Travel Pouch of Toiletries

Continuing the theme of useful items, if you know attendees will be travelling to attend the event this could be the perfect opportunity to provide them with something useful.

Check out our catalogue for more ideas or get in touch, we'd be happy to help.

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