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What the heck is ‘debranding’ and why should you care?

Now more than ever designing for the small screen is crucial for successful brand design and 'de-branding is now coming into its own, so let's explore what this means and how it affects all brand design.

Written by:
Mike Coughlan

59% of internet traffic now accessed through mobile devices

The term ‘debranding’ has been doing the rounds for a few years now and it can be interpreted in a couple of ways. Primarily it refers to a marketing strategy employed by well-known brands to appear less corporate and more personal. By removing the name from a familiar logo it is seen to personalise the connection with the logo without having to reference its connected corporation. The more modern interpretation of debranding is arguably more relevant to smaller businesses and worthy of consideration by all brands.

The debranding phenomenon now relates to the need to make sure your brand works across all platforms and with 59% of the internet traffic now being accessed through mobile devices presentation on the small screen really matters.

Without millions of customers, a huge advertising budget and the luxury of being a household name it would be madness to drop your company name from your brand right? Well, that depends. Mainly on how well known you are already by your target audience. Are you a brand that has established a solid reputation within your industry? If you have put the work in to build awareness of your brand in the right circles, leveraged some good PR and are consistent on social media you are in a great position to debrand and let your logo do the work. But if you don’t feel you’re there yet, now is the perfect time to get your brand ready for a simpler ‘mobile-first’ world. Take a leaf out of the corporation's book, with their slimmed-down logos and simple use of colours, how does your logo compare? Thanks to the small screen there has been a complete shift away from elaborate design to what, several years ago, would have been viewed as low budget and unmemorable, but now the genius of the design is in its simplicity. play a tune, they make the weird and wonderful happen.

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