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6 Design Tip for Non-Designers.

Use these easy-to-follow design tips to help you create consistent, engaging and successful designs to help build credibility, recognition and professionalism.

Written by:
Mike Coughlan

Graphic design isn't as straightforward as it may first appear. Whether you're producing a logo, business card or a leaflet, creating professional and consistent designs requires careful consideration. It's about capturing your target audience's attention and effectively conveying the story you want to tell.

With that in mind, we have put together 6 of the most basic and fundamental design principles that are the foundations for every designer. These tips will help you to create consistent, engaging and successful designs.

1. Keep It Simple: Don't overcomplicate things. A clean and uncluttered design usually works best. Avoid adding too much stuff, overcomplicated layouts, or too many fonts and colours. Simplicity can get your message across easier and clearer. White space is your friend so leave plenty of space around your design elements to help focus and guide the eye.

2. Hierarchy: Make sure people know where to look. There should be a clear contrast that helps guide the eye to the most important elements first. Using different font sizes, colour, and weights are a great way to achieve visual harmony.

3. Font Choices: Different fonts can evoke different feelings. Pick fonts that suit your message and target audience in order to grab their attention. Limit the amount of fonts you choose – use no more than 3 depending on the document and use them consistently. Pay attention to font size, line spacing, and alignment to make it readable and engaging which also helps create hierarchy as mentioned in the last point.

4. Playing with Colour: Use colours to set the mood and meaning. Think about how colours affect feelings and fit your design's context. Make sure text and background colours have enough contrast to be readable.

5. Align and Space Things Nicely: Keep everything looking neat. Line up your elements using a grid or guides to keep all your elements organised. Use consistent spacing, margins, and padding. It'll give your design a polished and professional feel.

6. Be Consistent: Keep everything looking the same. Use the same colours, fonts, and design elements to make it all fit together. Consistency helps people remember your style, builds credibility and recognition.

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