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THX - Brand Guidelines

We assisted THX in refocusing and establishing brand consistency by developing comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines provide precise instructions and rules for every aspect of their branding, ensuring a professional and consistent utilisation of the logo.

THX and its brand had grown over the past few years, with different people and departments using it in various ways. This was now causing issues with consistency and affecting the brand's credibility.

After exploring these issues with the marketing team, it was obvious they needed a hand with all aspects of their brand to re-establish this credibility. The solution to their problem was to create a detailed brand guidelines document to ensure everywhere the THX brand appeared presented them as not just credible and recognisable, but also made the branding easy to work with.

THX branding involves many different elements, such as watermarks, stripes, images, montages, logos, and stripe positions, among others. We explored each of these elements to make the most of each one.

Our goal was to infuse a narrative into the brand, making it more memorable and meaningful.

THX also had us working on several other projects alongside the development of the brand guidelines. This allowed us to test things out in real-world scenarios before finalising them in the guidelines. This approach really brought their branding to life and helped us understand what worked well and what needed adjustments.

THX now have an extensive 44-page guide containing advanced brand guidelines. This document is set to play a pivotal role throughout the organisation, serving as a foundational resource for the development of both internal projects and external marketing materials. The primary objective is to establish a brand identity that is not only easily recognisable but also leaves a lasting impression, fostering trust and familiarity with the intended audience.

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